Solid mineral exploration technology services is to ger different strata, structure, magmatic rocks and geophysical and geochemical metallogenic geologic information by a comprehensive application of surveying and mapping, geology, geophysical and geochemical exploration, drilling, pitting, trenching, remote sensing, hydrological, rock ore appraisal and testing analysis, geological exploration, such as information processing technology, and then provide customers with potential exploration and evaluation reports on the work area and provide the basis for customers to find and proven solid mineral resources. Sinomine gives priorty to the overseas solid mineral exploration technical services, and demestic market is complementary. The exploration of minerals mainly are copper, lead, zinc, nickel, cobalt, gold, silver, platinum and other non-ferrous metals. 

      Sinomine is a commercial comprehensive geological exploration technology services company and is among the first “Going-Out” companies in China nonferrous metals industry. It is a “National Model Geological Services Company” certified by the Ministry of Land and Resources, and isa preponderant enterprise in the field of commerical solid mineral exploration technology services. Most of clients are medium and high grade customers such as large and super-large mine group and their subsidiaries and mineral enterprises both in China and abroad. 

     We have the Class A Geological Exploration Certificate in Solid Mineral Resource Exploration and Engineering, Class A Geological Drilling Certificate, Class A Geophysical Prospecting Certificate and Class A Construction Foundation and Basic Engineering Contractor Certificate issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, etc. 
     Sinomine has started to enter overseas soild mineral exploration technical services business since 2003, and it gradully become the major source of income. Sinomine has undertaken projects in Zamiba, Zimbabwe, Papua New Guinea and Malaysia, etc. from China Nonferrous Metal Mining (Group) Co. Ltd, MRDL and China Nonferrous Engineering and Research Institute and other Large state-owned mining company. It became one of the first “Going-Out” solid mineral exploration technical services companies in China nonferrous metals industry. The solid mineral exploration technical services of Sinomine realize the revenues of 123.76million RMB,116.98 million RMB in the year of 2015 and 2016 respectively, and take 36.45% and 33.82% of the main business income. 

     Sinomine completed majority of the symbolic international super-large geological exploration projects for Chinese company overseas, such as the first successful “Going-out” project—Chambishi Copper Main Deposit Geological Exploration Project in Zambia, the West Ore Segment Geological Exploration and Southeast Ore Segment Geological Exploration; the landmark for Sino-Pakistan friendship—Duddar Lead and Zinc Deposit Geological Exploration Project and Sandak Copper Deposit Geological Exploration Project; the solid mineral exploration with largest investment in southern pacific ocean—Geological Exploration during Mine Construction for Nickel and Cobalt Deposit in Papua New Guinea; the un-developed super-large copper deposit in Afghanistan—Geological Exploration, Supplementary Exploration and Verification on Aynak Copper Deposit; Super-large Bauxite Deposition Exploration Project—Paksong Bauxite Deposit Exploration in Laos. Sinomine has the capability of taking a dozen large international geological exploration projects at a time. It also has provided resource evaluation services on several international financing projects, which not only dramatically reduced the risks in resource investment but also served as basis for decision making.

Aynak Copper Project in Afghanistan Ramu Nickel Project in Pupue New Guinea

Chambishi Copper Project in Zambia Platinum Project in Zimbabwe